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You can bet on virtual sports betting up to 24 hours a day.

Experience the thrill of virtual horse racing, dog racing, motorcycle racing and cycling. Exciting special bets,

You can bet on: Cycling, Football, Horses, Tennis, Cyclocoss.
betting on other sports such as tennis, boxes, American Football, basketball, Formula 1 and darts is becoming increasingly popular.


If you want to bet on Sport, you will meet a legal and very varied choice to bookmakers. The best bookmakers each have a distinctive and sometimes different offer, making a comparison useful. We only show the best sportbetting providers with an official license for the worldwide market.
In general, the most played sports categories are Bets on football, Betting on horses, Bet on tennis, Bet on Formula 1 and Bet on eSports.
Legal bet with reliable bookmakers
If you want to enter into a sports bet with an online bookmaker, you have a lot of choice from the most diverse sports. For example, you can bet on popular sports such as football, tennis and darts, but also sports such as eSports, rugby and golf are among the bookmaker options to make a bet on.
When gambling on sport, there is plenty to choose for every sports fan! Via our website zelf invullen en linken . We keep you informed of the latest news on a daily basis. Further, you will find the best bookmakers for the entire sports market. This way you always play safely!

Bet on sports

Billions of people look at sports worldwide. For example, you follow the European Football Championship or the Olympic Games closely. Or perhaps you encourage your favorite football club every week? Or you play tennis yourself and do not want any match of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments? Or are you more interested in the fast world of Formula 1?
It doesn´t matter what you prefer, fact is that you can place a bet on hundreds of sports events. This immediately explains why sportsbetting has increased considerably in popularity in recent years. The result is that there are a lot of sports fans who spend, and hopefully, make money weekly or even daily with a bookmaker. They are looking for the extra tension, because a football, tennis or basketball match is much more exciting when money is at stake.

Bet online at a bookmaker

Betting on sport is certainly not new. What is new is that most sports gamblers ignore the local betting offices and look for an online bookmaker. There are more than enough online bookmakers to choose from. They all offer a platform with a wide variety of sports bets on it.
All these Bookmakers are responsible for the odds. Meaning: you can see exactly how much money you can win from these numbers behind the bets. If you dare to take a risk, the potential profit amount increases quickly. The trick is to find the right balance with your bets.
Furthermore, the bookmakers do all the counting for you, so sportsbetting is very easy! Your bets are processed automatically, the profit will automatically appear in your account and on your bet sheet you can even immediately see how much money a correct prediction yields.

Most bookmakers have twenty to thirty different sports on the platform. The best bookies like Unibet, Ladbrokes, Bet365 zelf invullen en linken have even many more.
The best football gambling sites
There is a lot of gambling on football worldwide and there is a lot of money involved in it. That is why it is important that you choose the best gambling site where you place your bets. This can yield a lot of extra money in the long term. We have selected all the gambling sites where you can bet on football available for you.

Bets on Formule 1

Formula 1 has become extremely exciting with the arrival of Max Verstappen. The viewers have risen enormously. Not only the watching of F1 has risen in particular. Almost all year round, you can bet on training, qualifying and the race itself of course. You can even place seasonal bets such as WK Verstappen.

Betting on Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport to bet among the tennis loving punters. The great thing about tennis is that there is always a winner and not a draw possible. This also makes it interesting for bets. Tennis tournaments (small and large) run throughout the year. The most popular are the Grand Slams, being Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open and Roland Garros. In short, there is a tournament every week to take a gamble.

Bet on Darts

In a short time, darts has become one of the most popular sports to bet on. The darts competition is growing great and this worldwide. Every respectable country nowadays has its own tournament. A large number of bets are available for the Premier League of Darts, the PDC World Cup Darts, The Masters.

Betting on horses

Horses (also called ´races´) bet is already millennia old. It is spectacular and the races last relatively short, which ensures a huge rush. Online bet on horse races has increased enormously in popularity what the rescue of horses bet has been. You have numerous small and large events throughout the year, i.e. Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, in many variants.

Betting on Golf

The Golf Sport is one of the most beautiful sports you can gamble on. Follow the legendary, yearly tournaments such as the Ryders Cup and Masters with real top golfers such as Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcilroy.

Betting on Cycle

Just like with the F-1, betting on cycling has risen enormously in recent years. On cycling you can also take bets on almost the entire year and in particular the large rounds such as the Tour de France, the Giro, the Vuelta and the Flanders classics such as the Tour of Flanders, are popular.

Betting on Snooker

More and more men, but also ladies, are practicing this sport today. First a visit to the Snooker hall and then a night out. This is what the weekend of the young adults looks nowadays. The figurehead of the snooker sport is of course, and still after all these years, Ronnie O Sullivan.

Betting on Basketball

Basketball should certainly not be missing in this list. Betting on basketball has been loved for ages. You can bet on the sport almost all year round and almost every day there is an NBA competition with stars such as LeBron James and Steven Curry.
Where football is the most popular sport in Europe zelf invullen en linken, the Basketball Sport as the Holy Grail applies to the Americans zelf invullen en linken.

Betting on Baseball

Or is Baseball the Holy Grail for Americans? Real experienced punters love this sport to bet. You also have the Major League Playoffs every year, which attracts a huge number of people who want to bet on baseball.
Betting on American Football
The most popular American sport there is! Die-hard American football fans bet on the NFL every week. And of course the annual ´Super Bowl´, the final playoff game around February. The gambling event par excellence for Americans, but now also worldwide. A sports circus where billions of dollars are gambled!

Betting on Esports

Electronic Sports also called ´e-sports´ is one of the fastest growing sports. Betting on eSports is also being done more and more now with games such as Fortnite, Lol and Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and Call of Duty. Gaming is absolutely no longer for only nerds and completely mainstream nowadays. It is noticeable that the fans of e-gaming are rather young adults.

Sports Betting Conclusion

Of course our list is not complete. There are still countless smaller sports where you can gamble. Our list would be endlessly long.
In addition to this list, we can also elaborate hours about the rules of sports betting, the tournaments, live sports betting and much more.
So keep following us and sign up for our newsletter.

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There are all types of sporting events such as football, tennis, formula 1, cycling, darts and much more also bets on horse racing and greyhound racing
Find on this website the list with all possible sports betting.

Exciting pronostics with the fantastic Live feeling. Every day you get the choice of a huge amount of sports betting.
There are certainly more than 90 different sports to bet on.
Also tennis, basketball or ice hockey, odan you still have the Champions League, the German Bundeslia, the English Premier League and the Spanish Primera Division.
Every week you can choose from many sporting events where you can predict the outcome
Champions League, Basketball, American Football, Tennis, Baseball.
Place sports betting for competitions in various sports such as football, tennis, basketball, snooker and much more.
New players can subscribe to a welcome bonus up to € 25, there are several sports sites that offer a free sign-up welcome bonus.

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